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Hwy to Hell: A Supernatural Podcast

Aug 28, 2017

We're hooked on the seventh episode of the hit televison series, Supernatural! Join us as we talk about Pizza the Poltergeist, Dean's shade, and closet windows in "Hookman" (1.07).
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Aug 21, 2017

This week, we wish we could download Kung Fu and we discover the creepiest music to murder someone to. Good to know.  We're discussing the Supernatural episode, "Skin" (1.06). 

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Aug 14, 2017

Ghost stories, Truth or Dare, our newbie's favorite episode, oh my! This week, we're discussing Supernatural episode (1.05), "Bloody M-" shhh, don't say it. 

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Aug 7, 2017

How's the Christo around here? I heard it's pretty good. This week, we're slipping God into the conversation, sharing our worst fears, and talking haunted chairs. We're discussing the Supernatural episode Phantom Traveler (1.04). 

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