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Hwy to Hell: A Supernatural Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

In our binge mode comeback, we squeal over Season 7, do some good ol' Ron bashing, and fawn over Hermione Granger and Charlie alike. 

Aug 28, 2021

Hi all! 

Giving an update on the future of the podcast. 

Apr 22, 2021

We discuss the good....the bad of Season 6, the science behind soulless Sam, the character development (?) of Cas, and a deep dive into how EW and WE rank our episodes! 

Apr 9, 2021

Lisa and Ben get kidnapped, Bobby gets "Oh, honey-ed," Cas gets his heart broken, and we sob / scream our emotions out! This week, we're discussing S06E21 "Let it Bleed" -- you won't believe where we put it on the ranking. 

Mar 10, 2021

First Mate I.P. Freely changes the course of actions that save the doomed souls of the Titanic and our favorite hunter gals, Ellen and Jo. Too bad this is some sick joke from Balthazar...or so we think until Cas shows up. This week we discuss S06E17: "My Heart Will Go On."